Weenerz go to Buffalo (Prelude)

Up to this point I haven’t injected myself into this blog a lot.  For a few updates, that’s going to change.

I coach a men’s rec hockey team.  It’s odd for a team to have a coach, but as they say, “those who cannot do; teach.”  For me this is the case, my ankles are shot worse than Ryan Whitney’s.  15+ years in the construction industry does bad things to your body kids.

Anyway, the team I coach is based out of Northern New Jersey and is called, “The Weenerz.”  It started as a joke, but has grown well beyond that.  I’ll give a backstory on that in a future update and I’ll probably start chronicling my experiences with the team here a bit more.

Last weekend, 11 players and I went to Buffalo to play in the TCS Winter classic.  I documented the trip and intended to live update, but that just wasn’t feasible at the time.  I’ll be using mostly first names of players when describing the events.  It was a fun odyssey and one I hope to do again soon.

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