Nice of You All to Join Me (Evan Bouchard edition)

In a followup to my article about Bouchard from October.

I’m seeing Bouchard in the top 15 in projections where he always belonged.  Nice of you all to join me on this one.

As the Knights have gotten SOME players back from the NHL, Bouchard has kept up his stellar play and with a supporting cast in front of him, his point total has ballooned to 46 points over 37 games.  He averages 0.89 assists per game and is the de facto leader for the Knights as they have clawed their way back into the 4th spot in the western conference after a DISMAL 1-6 start.

Bouchard’s leadership and talent are going to make him a future stud defenseman in the NHL, there’s no doubt in my mind.  Why it took until December/January for people to get on this wagon is beyond me.

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