My 2019 Draft Board (Mid Season)

It’s going to start with a list and then in subsequent posts it will be expanded upon.
Here’s how it works.  I’m going to list 5 players that I would take in each round and then in subsequent posts expand upon each round.  Where the players are listed is going to be predominantly based on my own watching of the sport combined with player ratings from:
The Draft Analyst
Future Considerations

I’ll be using a loose range also, so if you see me list a player in the 3rd round, who’s ranked by others to go in the 4th or 5th, that’s my subjective assessment of where I think that player should go.  Also, in this draft the top 3 kids are the top 3 kids.  I’m going to assume that I am a team that is not picking in the top 3 as I make this list, because so much is going to be written about the 3 of them that I can probably contribute nothing new to the discussion.

Round 1:
Victor Soderstrom: RHD (Sweden)
Alex Newhook: C/W (Canada)
Arthur Kaliyev: C/W (USA)
Dylan Cozens: C/W (Canada)
Nils Hoglander: W (Sweden)

Round 2:
Brett Leason: RW/C (Canada)
Bobby Brink: RW (USA)
Graeme Clarke: RW (Canada)
Yegor Afanasyev: LW (Russia)
Judd Caulfield: RW (USA)

Round 3:
Nathan Legare: RW (Canada)
Harrison Blaisdell: C (Canada)
Nikita Alexandrov: C (Germany)
Jeremi Gerber: RW (Switzerland)
Nikita Okhotyuk: LHD (Russia)

Round 4:
Nathan Dunkley: LW (Canada)
Yannick Bruschweiler: LW (Switzerland)
Ryan Siedem: RHD (USA)
Adam Edstrom: C (Sweden)
Alex Beaucage: RW (Canada)

Round 5:
Valeri Orekhov LHD (Kazakhstan)
Shane Pinto: F (USA)
Matej Blumel: F (Czech Republic)
Kyan Sopa: F (Switzerland)
Oliver Okuliar: F (Slovakia)

Round 6:
Emil Martinsen Lilleberg: LHD (Norway)
Yegor Sokolov: RW (Russia)
Ben Kraws: G (USA)
Alexander Peresunko: F (Ukraine)
Keighan Gerrie: F (Canada)

Round 7:
Brandon Bussi: G (USA)
Jeremie Bucheler: RHD (Canada)
Alexandros Aslanidis: G (USA)
Elmer Soderblom: C/W (Sweden)
Cade Alami: RHD (USA)

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