The Next Coach To Fall

The Calgary Flames are bad right now.  They have 23 points through 24 games played, so they’re under .500.  Their last regulation win against a team that is over .500 was their 10th game of the season on October 20th, when they beat Anaheim 2-1.  Since that game their record is 5-7-2 with 36 goals for and 46 goals against.  That’s an average of 2.57 goals for.  Their 5 wins included:
10-24-19: 6-5 Shootout win against Florida
10-26-19: 6-5 Overtime win against Nashville
11-2-19: 3-0 Regulation win against Columbus
11-5-19: 4-3 Overtime win against Arizona
11-7-19 5-2 Regulation win against New Jersey
But since that NJ win, Calgary has gone 0-5-1, and been outscored 23 to 5.  During this span of games they experienced 7 consecutive periods of scoring futility, followed by a 3-2 loss and then a 5-0 blowout.

Now all of this could be considered a blip that Calgary will pull out of, but this is the same team that essentially wasted Mark Giordano’s Norris Trophy campaign with a first round exit.  This is a team that won 50 games last season.  After the overtime win against Arizona, Bill Peters was quoted as saying “I don’t love the way we’re playing. That’s obvious, right? The aspects … I don’t like are our starts. Our emotional engagement. Our physical engagement. And our execution with the puck.” 
If he didn’t love it in the 4-3 victory over Arizona, I’d honestly hate to see what he says about it now.  Ultimately Peters’ criticism of his own team might be his own undoing.  General Manager Brad Treliving is not shy about firing coaches who fail to perform with the roster he has handed them.  Peters is the third coach the Flames have had since Treliving took over as GM in 2014.  He would be the third coach to make the playoffs in his first season and miss the playoffs in his second season as Treliving’s coach.  By the time something happens a third time, you can call it a pattern.  At some point the General Manager needs to take some responsibility for the team that’s on the ice, but it seems likely that won’t happen any time soon.  Peters is probably done.  I’ll be surprised if he lasts till the end of November.

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